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When you think of Ireland, you think of green, of gorgeous nature, wide landscapes, warm and cosy pubs and gentle people. READ ON



In countries like Ireland they start off the day with a good breakfast. That’s why we have a full range of products to make your breakfast complete. READ ON


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We get all our products from Ireland and the United Kingdom. Authentic, of the finest quality and tasteful. And honouring the rich Irish traditions. READ ON

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In Ireland, the cows have the space to graze on the best pastures. These cattle walk and graze freely in the Irish meadows, where the best climate prevails for nature and animals. The producers where we buy our meat have an eye for sustainability and nature. Only in this way can we make the best products together.

100% pure beef


There are hamburgers and there are the burgers from Taste of Ireland. Made from the finest Irish pure beef (95%). The burgers are tender meat, full of flavor and of the best quality. We process the meat with care. We deliver the pre-flamed burgers. They are slightly pre-tanned and have that typical grill flavor and grill line, with a fantastic bbq flavor.

Fish & Chips


A snack that can also serve as a meal: Fish & Chips. The Fish is made from the best that Irish fishermen supply: cod and haddock. It includes traditional Muschy Peas, crushed peas and a portion of tartar sauce. And all wrapped in fat-free newspaper.

A great taste


For over 25 years Taste of Ireland has been the prime supplier of Irish and British products for restaurants, bars, hotels and caterers in the Netherlands and Belgium. All our products originate from Ireland and the United Kingdom. 
Authentic, of the best quality and tasteful. To the best Irish traditions. We have divided our products into three categories to make it as clear as possible.